The French Riviera in a Bluesummer with Europcar

5 Jul 2015

Bluesummer is available at four Europcar locations in the southeast of France. (DR)


Discover the 100% electric convertible experience along the coast of the Mediterranean. This summer, Bluesummer and Europcar can make it happen.

Until the end of August, four Europcar locations along the Riviera – in Nice, Cannes, Saint-Tropez, and Sainte-Maxime – will be renting out a fleet of Bluesummer 100% electric convertibles, a car only recently revealed to the public.

Now you can cruise down this sun-kissed region's roads at the wheel of this extraordinary vehicle from the same family as the Bluecar. Elegant, comfortable, practical, and built for all-terrain driving, it can take vacationers wherever their pleasure lies.

Bluesummer is powered by LMP (Lithium Metal Polymer) batteries developed by Blue Solutions, a subsidiary of the Bolloré Group, which ensure its safety and provide 125 miles (200 km) of travel without charging.

Bluesummer can be rented from the following locations:

> Nice (City): 3, avenue Gustave V

> Saint-Tropez: 42, avenue du Général Leclerc

> Sainte-Maxime: 1, rue de la Plage

> Cannes: 3, rue du Commandant Vidal (via electronic booking)


Bluesummer Exhibited in the Southeast of France

2 Jul 2015

After the success of the first tour in Paris last June, Bluesummer is heading to the Southeast to show off its stuff in the sunniest of climates!
It was exhibited from July 13 to 19 to residents and tourists in the region's most beautiful cities, like Cannes, Sainte-Maxime, Saint-Tropez, and Antibes.
The summer weather was perfect for them to test-drive our convertible and picture themselves with one of their own!

Bluesummer: A test drive with perfect wind-blown hair!

1 Jul 2015

After its experience making Bluecar for Autolib’, Bolloré launched this 100% electric convertible that can go up to 125 miles (200 km) without charging. We tested it for you.

By the editors


At first, its look made us want to ride the dunes, like in a buggy at Jericoacoara, Brazil — except you don't need to teleport thousands of miles away. The new Bluesummer convertible from Bolloré, with its fold-down row of seats and retractable hood, can take you wherever your pleasure lies in any season, without leaving France. Modern and easy to care for, Bluesummer is equipped with a raised chassis for all-terrain driving. Its blue-dyed plastic body, exposed hinges, and retractable hood make it look like a compact beach buggy. As deft in cities as it is on country roads, Bluesummer can carry four passengers or your recreational gear. Discover the pleasure of driving without making a sound: its responsive acceleration and excellent road-holding have impressed drivers who have had the privilege of previewing it.


The new electric convertible was unveiled in the streets of Paris in late June. Its appealing summer look drew the gaze of many. If we get the urge to go on vacation, we'll think back on this event. Be on the lookout, you might get the chance to see one where you vacation this summer!

More information: Phone: +33 (0)1 49 98 98 48.

Discover Bluesummer at the Paris Air Show

Découvrez la Bluesummer au salon du Bourget
19 Jun 2015

All week long, visitors at the Paris Air Show will have the privilege of discovering and test-driving Bluesummer.

We hope to see you all this weekend! Visit stand B295.

Bluesummer available this summer at Hertz & Europcar

Bluesummer Hertz & Europcar
10 Jun 2015

30 Bluesummers are now available for rent in over a dozen locations in the Southeast of France. Vacationers will be able to explore the coast in a noise-free vehicle. Perfect for a quiet, relaxing trip!